Into the Void

Azrael Journal 2

I am becoming sick of these uninspired mortals. None of them have the devotion to seek out and exterminate evil. We wasted precious time debating how best to breach the den of unquestionably evil men. As a result the building exploded and everyone fled like the useless rats they are. I have a feeling the gods weren’t entirely on my side in this endeavor.

The gnome Ku is an evildoer and must be punished. He is also responsible for the extensive chemical burns on this weak mortal form.

The lighthouse needs to be dealt with, and I have a feeling that my companions will not want to pursue the alchemists any more.

Journal of Kuzhu the Scholar 1.2
Arrival in Yassule

It would seem that our suspicions of the Elfling were well-founded—as was the observation of her apparent intellectual deficiency. As I probed into her mind and later spoke with her, she made it known that she was under another woman’s influence, most likely a Macfer. Whether she was blackmailed into her service or under her employ is unclear, however we shall have to be wary. She may let the Macfers know of our whereabouts.

Not that that information alone would be exceptionally useful. For now we head up to the lighthouse on their estate. No doubt we will find a few answers this day. For the Elfling’s sake, I hope they are not too distasteful; however, I will do what must be done, no matter the cost.

Another development concerns the shady Gnome that was aboard our ship, Ku. He led us to his base of operations, but we were unable to discern what those operations may be. No thanks to the easily-provoked Adrian, who blew all our evidence to smithereens, wounding a number of us (myself included) in the process. So is it with the rash self-professed scholars such as himself, always eager to prove their ability.

The port town is unimpressive. It has no university, and most probably no library. It is dirty and full of thieves and other shady characters, and shows little evidence of civil behavior.

Shinji's Private Thoughts, Day 2

We’ve spent the better part of the day working on returning to shore. Bandits (since we’re at sea I believe I had refer to them as pirates) attacked out ship. They made the first strike, we made the last. They were subdued quickly. Several of them were malnourished and fought as if their boots were full of lead.

My compatriots also are skilled with impressive fighting skills which eased the matter. It was good that our vessel took precautions in ensuring the safety of what they had onboard. The group has its ups and downs, but for now we’re all compatible, combat wise. We’re less than an hour from shore. I’ve only just awoke, and have collected my thoughts. The sun has just risen in the sky. The ship’s calm. Few others could find rest, and have opted to creating bustles around the deck.

I wonder what we’ll find when we’re at shore? Will we part ways? I have no where else to go currently, no goals or lures to take me elsewhere. That’s an odd thought. I never did bother to think about what I should once this bargain reached an end. Perhaps that’s my problem, I never did think these little things out – I always wait for them to present themselves to me, and I’m going at each problem one at a time.

I’ll make a note in the future to correct this.

Adrian's Journal
Day 1

This day began like any other normal day. I’d been in Ladakta for a few day trying to find passage to Tipa, but I hadn’t had any luck. Fortunately, luck finally seemed to come my way. I found a ship captain by the name of Nerevek who was willing pay me, as well as give me a free ride, if I was willing to protect his ship from any pirates they would encounter. It seemed perfect. I’ll finally be able to get to the Iron Clad Keep and see if I uncover anything about the ancient dwarven powers of the island.

I turns out he hired five others to guard the ship as well. There’s a sailor, a knight, a monk who likes to smoke a little too much, a fallen angel, and some piece of really cool living rock. I’m really interested in talking to both the rock and the angel to find out more about them. It’s unfortunate that the angel seem a little quiet and angry, because I’m sure he could give me some amazing insights into the working of the divine. The ships navigator is interesting as well. Despite her position, she apparently knows nothing about navigation. I offered to help her, since I covered navigation in my studies and remember it pretty well, but she declined. I don’t know what’s up with her. She seems preoccupied with something.

We got attacked by pirate. I mean sure, we were hired to defend the ship from them, but I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to. They were pretty tough, but something wasn’t quite right about them. Their leader was hurt, and it just doesn’t make sense to attack some ship when you’re already wounded, unless they had some other problems. But then again, after working to decipher the captains journal, it became clear that they did. They were attacked by some “fey,” whatever that meant. But the exciting thing is really the journal. It was written in some ancient dialect of dwarven (another odd thing. How many pirate captains can write in ancient dwarven), and from it I was able to figure out an alphabet and the rudimentary structure of it. It’s sure to be helpful with my research into the ancient dwarven civilization.

Shinji's Private Thoughts

Having finished a majority of my journey along the hills, I find myself nearing the company of a ship. I am to depart in the morning. We’ll be beginning a small voyage, my task is to ensure that the passengers of this vessel make it safely across.

I grew weary as my journey draws me closer to the sea. The air is heavy in salt. There is little that I except from this venture, but it is a debt I must pay. If it were not for the Haliven finding me this task, I would have owed him three more months in the mines.

I believe my path has arrived here for a reason. I will know soon enough. By the morning, I’ll have arrived and see who else I am to share the voyage with. Haliven told me I would be joined by others. While comforting, I believe I should have my wits about me. I’ve learned that when on the treacherous seas there is likely someone luring the attackers to us.

Either way, I should rest for the night. My camp was hastily put together.

Journal of Kuzhu the Scholar 1.1
The Trans-Continental Voyage

My shipmates are an interesting lot, to be sure. They seem to quibble over meaningless issues and raise on a pedestal of importance the smallest observations; yet one must not take them lightly. Each is wise in his own way, and will show his worth in time. They have fought well.

The pirate attack further supports my suspicions that something is amiss within the Yassule island. Perhaps the greedy Tieflings are up to more mischief and have turned to robbing the unarmed merchant ships. Yet this Elf lass concerns me as well. She is obviously no sailor, yet was able to acquire a position on this ship. Is the captain part of a conspiracy, or did she cajole him into acquiescence? I must watch her carefully, lest she try to sway the others.

My lengthy journey across the Nerose island has granted me much knowledge. There is so much to be gleaned from nature, and yet more from the intuitions and actions of other creatures. In Yassule, I hope to further my knowledge of such things. If indeed there is a plot to be uncovered, I will not let down my instructors.

Journal of Azzan
Repair Job

I took this job in order to pay for some small repairs for the Setanta and it looks like I’ll be getting my money’s worth. Been a long time since I’ve run across any pirates but then again I don’t normally sail in this area. Surprisingly that bit of combat wasn’t the most worrisome thing that has occurred on this job. The navigator hasn’t a clue on how to properly use any of the basic tools of the trade. I tried to convince her to take the offer of the scholarly fellow, but she became flustered and brushed me off. I guess Melora was on our side though as it seems we somehow stayed close to our original course. With any luck I’ll get paid and be back to the Setanta shortly.

Journal of Ser Ewan Highmast
1.1: Embarking

Another day out on the water. This day marks three weeks since I left home. Finally, I seem to have stumbled upon adventure—or, rather, it has stumbled upon me!

Our vessel is an interesting one, to say the least. The navigator, a young maid, seems to be having quite a time of it, but she means well. The captain seems to be a godless pragmatist—but I should not rush to judgement. However, for both our sakes, I will attempt to avoid him. Our views are nothing if not antithetical. I hear talk of gunpowder on board, but I am not quite sure what it means.

Of most note was an attack on our vessel. A band of dishonorable pirates came upon our starboard and made the mistake of attempting to board. They refused to yield when I offered them quarter, and sadly, many died for their choice. I was, however, able to convince one to surrender. I am considering taking him as a squire, else delivering him to a temple in the city. Whatever he may have done, it can be forgiven through hard work and duty to the people. May Erathis guide his redemption.

Azrael Journal 1
Pirate Fight

My goal on this plane is to destroy any evil I come across. Defending a ship from pirates seems like the most logical way to go about it.

I don’t like the captain, he seems incompetent. The navigator is definitely incompetent and I don’t trust her, I think she is hiding something. There is also the matter of the gun powder. I think the gnome is up to something and I think the captain knows.
The monk seems to know what he’s doing though he does talk far too much.
The Human mage is young and lacks experience (especially in regard to females), though he seems to know his magic.
The Shardmind is strange, and his usefulness is still in question.
The Knight has a laughably classic sense of honor and it will get him killed.
The Dragonborn seems like a competent fighter, though I cannot tell his allegiances.

The disappearance of the lighthouse is concerning. It’s being shut off means that there is something nefarious in the works. The wounded pirate captain furthers this feeling. Not many men would attack while wounded unless they were desperate.
We took a prisoner. He is going to die for his sins.

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