Into the Void

Adrian's Journal

Day 1

This day began like any other normal day. I’d been in Ladakta for a few day trying to find passage to Tipa, but I hadn’t had any luck. Fortunately, luck finally seemed to come my way. I found a ship captain by the name of Nerevek who was willing pay me, as well as give me a free ride, if I was willing to protect his ship from any pirates they would encounter. It seemed perfect. I’ll finally be able to get to the Iron Clad Keep and see if I uncover anything about the ancient dwarven powers of the island.

I turns out he hired five others to guard the ship as well. There’s a sailor, a knight, a monk who likes to smoke a little too much, a fallen angel, and some piece of really cool living rock. I’m really interested in talking to both the rock and the angel to find out more about them. It’s unfortunate that the angel seem a little quiet and angry, because I’m sure he could give me some amazing insights into the working of the divine. The ships navigator is interesting as well. Despite her position, she apparently knows nothing about navigation. I offered to help her, since I covered navigation in my studies and remember it pretty well, but she declined. I don’t know what’s up with her. She seems preoccupied with something.

We got attacked by pirate. I mean sure, we were hired to defend the ship from them, but I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to. They were pretty tough, but something wasn’t quite right about them. Their leader was hurt, and it just doesn’t make sense to attack some ship when you’re already wounded, unless they had some other problems. But then again, after working to decipher the captains journal, it became clear that they did. They were attacked by some “fey,” whatever that meant. But the exciting thing is really the journal. It was written in some ancient dialect of dwarven (another odd thing. How many pirate captains can write in ancient dwarven), and from it I was able to figure out an alphabet and the rudimentary structure of it. It’s sure to be helpful with my research into the ancient dwarven civilization.


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