Into the Void

Azrael Journal 1

Pirate Fight

My goal on this plane is to destroy any evil I come across. Defending a ship from pirates seems like the most logical way to go about it.

I don’t like the captain, he seems incompetent. The navigator is definitely incompetent and I don’t trust her, I think she is hiding something. There is also the matter of the gun powder. I think the gnome is up to something and I think the captain knows.
The monk seems to know what he’s doing though he does talk far too much.
The Human mage is young and lacks experience (especially in regard to females), though he seems to know his magic.
The Shardmind is strange, and his usefulness is still in question.
The Knight has a laughably classic sense of honor and it will get him killed.
The Dragonborn seems like a competent fighter, though I cannot tell his allegiances.

The disappearance of the lighthouse is concerning. It’s being shut off means that there is something nefarious in the works. The wounded pirate captain furthers this feeling. Not many men would attack while wounded unless they were desperate.
We took a prisoner. He is going to die for his sins.


MichaelGraham93 Kennen94

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