Into the Void

Journal of Ser Ewan Highmast

1.1: Embarking

Another day out on the water. This day marks three weeks since I left home. Finally, I seem to have stumbled upon adventure—or, rather, it has stumbled upon me!

Our vessel is an interesting one, to say the least. The navigator, a young maid, seems to be having quite a time of it, but she means well. The captain seems to be a godless pragmatist—but I should not rush to judgement. However, for both our sakes, I will attempt to avoid him. Our views are nothing if not antithetical. I hear talk of gunpowder on board, but I am not quite sure what it means.

Of most note was an attack on our vessel. A band of dishonorable pirates came upon our starboard and made the mistake of attempting to board. They refused to yield when I offered them quarter, and sadly, many died for their choice. I was, however, able to convince one to surrender. I am considering taking him as a squire, else delivering him to a temple in the city. Whatever he may have done, it can be forgiven through hard work and duty to the people. May Erathis guide his redemption.


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