Into the Void

Shinji's Private Thoughts

Having finished a majority of my journey along the hills, I find myself nearing the company of a ship. I am to depart in the morning. We’ll be beginning a small voyage, my task is to ensure that the passengers of this vessel make it safely across.

I grew weary as my journey draws me closer to the sea. The air is heavy in salt. There is little that I except from this venture, but it is a debt I must pay. If it were not for the Haliven finding me this task, I would have owed him three more months in the mines.

I believe my path has arrived here for a reason. I will know soon enough. By the morning, I’ll have arrived and see who else I am to share the voyage with. Haliven told me I would be joined by others. While comforting, I believe I should have my wits about me. I’ve learned that when on the treacherous seas there is likely someone luring the attackers to us.

Either way, I should rest for the night. My camp was hastily put together.


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