Known history of Nerose

Little is known about the Nerose archipelago. The islands of Nerose and Yassule, have always been inhabited and have a well documented history.

The reign of dwarves.

In the beginning the races that inhabited the islands were few in number, and much kept to themselves. The fey were content with their forest lands, and men were just arriving to this new land. It was the dwarves that drew from the wealth of mines and built great cities and armies. Including the construction of Iron Clad Keep, that stood watch at the heart of the Yassule massif.

The emergence of Devils.

It was not long for man to grow envious of the empire the dwarves were building. Soon man would stop at nothing to take what the dwarves had built for themselves. Many went as far as to make pacts with the devils that resided deep in the crevices of the coastal shoals, and the badlands. This new power brought about a war that ended the dwarven dominance between the isles. It also brought about the tieflings.

The Eladrin Intervention.

The fey were not bothered by the mindless greed of the dwarves. It was the arcane prowess of the tieflings that brought them out of hiding. The eladrin in particular viewed the devil born as abominations that needed to be destroyed. It is here that the line between fact and legend becomes very thin. It is said that the fey were not strong enough to defeat the power of the tieflings alone. Many a myth mention the summoning of the Void Guard. A powerful primordial order that had helped shape the archipelago an eon ago. It is rumored that only with their help that the eladrin quelled the tiefling uprising. One text notes that in the final battle of Maivrile lake the Void Guard retreated back to wherever they came from, and left the eladrin outnumbered. One thing is certain, though. The Void Guard has not been seen for many centuries.

The Age of Man.

After two wars the tiefling populations on the islands was greatly diminished. It was then that man and tiefling united to form a strong alliance. They formed a trade network between Nerose and Yassule that later spread to far off lands. This brought about an integration of many races from the around the world. After several centuries an equilibrium has been reached between the inhabitants of the island. That is were we are today. Though something looms on the horizon.


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