Nerose and You

The Nerose Archipelago is made up of many many small islands, most of which are uncharted. You should consider taking this into account when writing your characters biography. Perhaps you were mysteriously shipwrecked and barely managed to make it civilization, or maybe you’ve been sailing your whole life and have decided to expand your life as an adventurer. Whatever the reason, it is likely your character knows how to sail.


Sailing is a big part of life around Nerose. It would be wise to start thinking about how the skills in D&D can be applied to sailing. For instance, a cleric trained in religion may be able to read the astral signs to help navigate with the night sky. A ranger trained in nature could read the winds for quicker sailing. A fighter trained in endurance could hall ropes faster than most for an efficient ship deck. Thinking about how to use your skills will help make the most out of the nautical parts of the adventure. If there are rituals are feats you think could be tweaked to better apply to sailing feel free to ask me and we can see about changing it to best fit your character.


Thorough Training
Prerequisites: Two ability scores at 15
Benefit: You gain training in a skill of your choice and gain weapon proficiency with a weapon of your choice.

Synthesis Training
Prerequisites: Strength and Constitution OR Dexterity and Intelligence OR Charisma and Wisdom at 15
Benefit: You gain training in two skills governed by either member of the ability score pair you have at 15.

Improved Unarmed Combat
Benefit: Your unarmed attacks have a +2 proficiency bonus and deal 1d6 damage and have the off-hand property.

Prerequisite: 13 Dexterity
Benefit: You can wield one handed weapons in your off-hand as if they are your off hand weapon.

Prerequisite: 13 Strength 13 Constitution
Benefit: You get +3 to Athletics and Endurance checks while in the water


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