The Nerose Archipelago

Yassule Island

The island of Yassule is off the mainland of Nerose. It is home to the Yassule massif, a piece of an old mountain range left behind after a majority of the island was pulled into the sea. Although it is only a fraction of its original size, it contain rich iron mines. These mines have catalyzed the growth of the port city, Tipa. Yassule’s soil is infertile, so many imports come into the harbor every day. Iron Returns to the mainland in their place.

Iron Clad Keep

Iron Clad Keep was made by the dwarves long ago. In modern times it is used more as a storage for ore shipments that come from the mines, rather than a military outpost. It is simple and strong, like its founders, but is a marvel for its sheer size.

Seawatch Lighthouse

Home to the noble family, the Macfers. Currently owned by Marlene Macfer. She is a proud heir to the Seawatch estate which is home to the lighthouse. It has been in the family ever since lady Akta granted it to Simon Macfer during the founding of Ladakta. It was built to ferry ships between the islands, and serve as a bond between the islands. The Macfer family has since grown to resent the Government of Ladakta.

Nerose Isand

The sister port of Tipa is also the capital of Nerose, Ladakta. Named after the two Tieflings that founded it, Lados and Akta. It’s architecture is a wealth of stone and iron. It dominates the eastern coast of the continent. Its current ruler is a Tiefling by the name of Chant. While he is an heir of lady Akta, he has little political power. It is the council of man that has the most sway in what goes on in Nerose. This is a cause of concern for the Tiefling population of Ladakta.

Dorgnad is the rapidly growing community that started as an agrarian settlement. It has grown in size partially because of demand for foodstuff, but primarily due to minority races being driven from the capital of Nerose. Dorgnad serves as a refuge for elves, dwarves, and halflings alike. It has little military strength, and no defined borders. It is often taken advantage of by brigands, and other creatures.

The Valenae woodlands are home to the mysterious fey creatures. While it lies on Nerose and Yassule, divided by the sea, it seems to live and breath as a single entity. Few dare to enter the woods. Only the scouts sent from Ladakta are seen entering, and few come out. The Ladaktan council considers the fey presence a nuisance, and often looks for ways to weaken the fey presence on Nerose.


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