The main religion of Nerose, Erathism, follows Erathis and is enforced by the council of man in Ladakta. Some argue it is an instrument the council uses to assert their dominion over the land and unify its subjects, but others embrace the practice and follow it devoutly. Its practice is law in Nerose, but this law is rarely enforced. However, open practice of other faiths has invoked government intervention in the past.

Followers of Melora

Many settlers in Dorgnad have taken to following the teachings of Melora. Her peaceful and basic teachings are revered by the lifestyle of the farming community. Several churches have been erected in her name around the growing city.

The Old Way

The fey that live deep in the forests still worship their old gods. Scholars have argued whether their practices seem to resemble Corellon, Sehanine, or some combination of both. There are whispers that it is neither. That their ways are the ways of the Void Guard. The mysterious beings that formed Nerose, and that are said to one day take it back.


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