This page will give the basics of how to use our browser based virtual table top: Roll20.

Managing Your Character

There are many features in Roll20 to help you keep track of your character. Here you will find some basic information as well as tips or tricks to keep your character up to date and fully functional within roll20. The goal here is to minimize the amount of time you spend switching between the Roll20 game table and your character sheet, be it a physical copy, a pdf, or the open character builder. Learning to manage your character within the game table will speed up gameplay and allow not only yourself but other players quickly view and utilize your character’s attributes and abilities.

Within Roll20, your character is split into two separate parts: Your character’s Journal entry, and your character’s Token.

The Journal

You, as a user of Roll20, have access to your own Journal (not to be confused with the journal entries you may be writing for your character). The Journal area is a holding place for all of your characters (at this point, just one), as well as any handouts that your character may have. Accessing your character’s journal is simple: Select the second tab to the right in the user window portion of the screen (right side of the screen). Hovering over the icon will bring up the “Journal” tooltip.

As you continue playing in Roll20, you may accrue more entries into your journal, but as you start, you will just have one entry: your character. Your character’s Journal entry (again, not to be confused with journal entries) is where all the data is stored for your character. Think of this like your Roll20 character sheet; it is where you keep track of anything and everything you want pertaining to your character. To edit your character, just single click on the character in the journal and it will bring up the page for you to edit.

PROTIP: If you hold down SHIFT and double click your token, it will automatically bring up the character entry on the “Bio & Info” page.
PROTIP: If you hold down ALT and double click your token, it will automatically bring up the character entry on the “Attributes & Abilities” page.

From here you can edit your character. Some ways to utilize this:

Use the Bio & Info page as an up-to-date note page for things that happened to your character, or that you found interesting.
Keep a description of your character on the “Bio & Info” page.
Use the Bio & Info page to keep a list of items your character has found.

The Token

The second part of your character is the token. If your journal entry was like the character sheet, then your token is the miniature you’re using. Perhaps the biggest misconception about tokens is that tokens store the data for your character; that is false. Your token is merely a visual representation of information that is taken from your character’s journal entry. When you edit your hit points on your token, that information is being changed in your journal entry and then visually updated on your token. Your token holds no data of its own, it merely displays the data in your character’s journal entry (character sheet).

By default your token should display three things:

Bar 1 (green) is linked to your hit points.
Bar 2 (blue) is linked to your remaining surges per day.
Bar 3 (red) is linked to your temporary hit points.
If you wish to change what these represent that is fine, but you must let your DM know.


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