Into the Void

Shinji's Private Thoughts, Day 2

We’ve spent the better part of the day working on returning to shore. Bandits (since we’re at sea I believe I had refer to them as pirates) attacked out ship. They made the first strike, we made the last. They were subdued quickly. Several of them were malnourished and fought as if their boots were full of lead.

My compatriots also are skilled with impressive fighting skills which eased the matter. It was good that our vessel took precautions in ensuring the safety of what they had onboard. The group has its ups and downs, but for now we’re all compatible, combat wise. We’re less than an hour from shore. I’ve only just awoke, and have collected my thoughts. The sun has just risen in the sky. The ship’s calm. Few others could find rest, and have opted to creating bustles around the deck.

I wonder what we’ll find when we’re at shore? Will we part ways? I have no where else to go currently, no goals or lures to take me elsewhere. That’s an odd thought. I never did bother to think about what I should once this bargain reached an end. Perhaps that’s my problem, I never did think these little things out – I always wait for them to present themselves to me, and I’m going at each problem one at a time.

I’ll make a note in the future to correct this.


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