Into the Void

Journal of Kuzhu the Scholar 1.1

The Trans-Continental Voyage

My shipmates are an interesting lot, to be sure. They seem to quibble over meaningless issues and raise on a pedestal of importance the smallest observations; yet one must not take them lightly. Each is wise in his own way, and will show his worth in time. They have fought well.

The pirate attack further supports my suspicions that something is amiss within the Yassule island. Perhaps the greedy Tieflings are up to more mischief and have turned to robbing the unarmed merchant ships. Yet this Elf lass concerns me as well. She is obviously no sailor, yet was able to acquire a position on this ship. Is the captain part of a conspiracy, or did she cajole him into acquiescence? I must watch her carefully, lest she try to sway the others.

My lengthy journey across the Nerose island has granted me much knowledge. There is so much to be gleaned from nature, and yet more from the intuitions and actions of other creatures. In Yassule, I hope to further my knowledge of such things. If indeed there is a plot to be uncovered, I will not let down my instructors.


MichaelGraham93 Johnny_Archer

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