Into the Void

Journal of Kuzhu the Scholar 1.2

Arrival in Yassule

It would seem that our suspicions of the Elfling were well-founded—as was the observation of her apparent intellectual deficiency. As I probed into her mind and later spoke with her, she made it known that she was under another woman’s influence, most likely a Macfer. Whether she was blackmailed into her service or under her employ is unclear, however we shall have to be wary. She may let the Macfers know of our whereabouts.

Not that that information alone would be exceptionally useful. For now we head up to the lighthouse on their estate. No doubt we will find a few answers this day. For the Elfling’s sake, I hope they are not too distasteful; however, I will do what must be done, no matter the cost.

Another development concerns the shady Gnome that was aboard our ship, Ku. He led us to his base of operations, but we were unable to discern what those operations may be. No thanks to the easily-provoked Adrian, who blew all our evidence to smithereens, wounding a number of us (myself included) in the process. So is it with the rash self-professed scholars such as himself, always eager to prove their ability.

The port town is unimpressive. It has no university, and most probably no library. It is dirty and full of thieves and other shady characters, and shows little evidence of civil behavior.


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